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➸ How to save money on flights

Montag, 26. Juni 2017
How to save money on flights

The other day I helped a friend finding a cheap flight to Los Angeles. And with a few hacks he saved about 400€ !! And today I wanna share these hacks with you guys - because saving money on flights is easier than you think! 

- Never book on the weekends -

My first rule is NEVER to book on the weekends, especially on a Sunday. The prices are higher on the weekend, because more people have the time to book their holidays. The best days to book flights are on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

- The thing about cookies -

My second tip is to delete your cookies before checking out the final price. On a lot of websites your searching history is tracked and the more you looking for something, the higher the prices are. I especially noticed that on websites for rental cars. 

- The seasons -

Know the seasons! When you can, always go right before or right after the high season. The prices are way lower and there often are special deals from several companies. And most times the weather is just fine. Or sometimes another season like spring or fall can be wonderful, too. For example, when you're heading to New England you should do it in the fall to experience the beautiful fall foliage.   

- Special Deal Websites -

There are a lot of cool websites, where you can find special deals. They collect error fares and other special prices on flights and hotels, even whole holiday packages. 
When you're from Europe or heading to it, you should definitely check these ones out:

- Look around -

My next tip to save money is to look up the different low-budget airlines in the area you travel to. When you travel around in a certain area it can be cheaper to book them separately from your long-haul flight. What brings me to my next point: 

Sometimes long-haul flights departing from another country, are cheaper than departing from the nearest airport. So check the flights departing from the countries around you and book a separate flight from a budget airline to get there. Like you wanna travel to Los Angeles, you can travel with Eurowings to London and from there with Virgin Atlantic to LA. 
Of course this also apply for the other way around: the long-haul flight to one country with a separately booked connection flight is cheaper than flights booked with one airline. For example: if you wanna travel to Australia book a flight to Asia and from there with an low-budget airline like jetstar to Australia. 


When you book directly on airline page keep your eyes peeled for "Zug-zum-Flug" tickets ("with the train to the airport") - you get your train ticket for free and don't need to drive with the car to the airport. So you can save gas and the parking fee. But I don't know if these tickets are available in other countries than Germany. Here in Germany a lot of airlines have a cooperation with the German railroad company "DeutscheBahn". 

I really hope you can use some of these tips! They are all tested in real life by me :) If you have any further tips please leave them in the comments. 

➸ Beach recommendation in PORTUGAL - Praia da Cordoama 🌊

Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Hey guys :) How are ya doing?? In the first time in forever i haven't booked or planned a holiday! Because I will graduate within the next months from university I have sooo much stuff to do and there are so many things I cannot plan, because I just don't know how my future will turn out - definitely terrifying, but also exciting!!! 

But just because I don't go on holiday anytime soon, it doesn't mean you will stay at home, too! And I know in many countries the summer break will began very soon - YEAH for that! So, I thought, maybe you need a little beach inspiration. Life is better at the beach, right?! Therefore, I wanna share with you one of my favourite beaches in Portugal: Praia da Cordoama. 

This beauty you will find at the Atlantic coast, 5km away from Vila do Bispo (in the south of Portugal) and only 13km away from Sagres. So when you wanna combine the beach with some culture, like the Fortaleza de Sagres - it's a perfect day trip. 

The beach is a surfers' paradise, so keep your eyes peeled for some hot surfers ;) ... or try surfing yourself, there are many surf schools around! When you're not up to surf, then bring a blanket, a picnic and some other fun stuff to have the perfect beach day (... please don't forget to bring your sunscreen!). And when you're tired of chilling in the sun, you can climb up the cliff to have a beautiful view or even watch the sunset from there! 

The only drawback: you can reach the beach only by car and be prepared, it's an adventurous road with a beautiful outlook! But totally worth it. 

➸ Grand Canyon, Arizona

Montag, 1. Mai 2017

Have you ever been to a place which didn't even look real in reality? When I've visited the Grand Canyon i exactly felt like this. Till today I can't believe it wasn't a reeeeaally big wallpaper! 

But let's start from the beginning. I definitely need to share a little bit of advice I wish I had back than! My friend and I booked a typical touristy bus tour departing from Las Vegas. And let me tell you: PLEASE never ever book a bus tour to the Grand Canyon. Except from the Grand Canyon itself it was a horrible experience. Just rent a car and drive out there. 

We were picked up at 6am and we were really excited because we got two front row seats at the upper deck of a double-decker bus. Unfortunately this excitement didn't last long. Half an hour later everybody had to get out of the bus and had to walk into a big storage building, where we were sorted into different groups. There were a lot people coming from different hotels - it was nuts and nobody knew what was going on. Nobody told us, that we just needed to change bus. But happily we got a really nice and funny bus driver. 

Our first stop was the Hoover Dam - a really big dam - but nothing too special. We didn't really catch the excitement about it.

After a 4 hours long drive and 2 wee-wee breaks we stopped at the National Geographic Center. Where we had 1 hours to get lunch and to wait for some people who were watching a 3D movie at the National Geographic Center. It was 2pm and we still haven't seen anything of the Grand Canyon. It was a little bit frustrating.
Half an hour later we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center (South Rim). We had 2 hours to explore this little area. Despite from people being everywhere it was wonderful! The view is just incredible, no words needed. We walked around, took a lot pictures, had a picnic and just enjoyed this stunning landscape. 

Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice on different places around the Grand Canyon, because we've just been to the South Rim. 

After the 2 hours we all got back on the bus and were dropped off at our hotel in Las Vegas at half past 10pm.

So if you don't want to feel like a cow pushed around by so many other cows, just rent a car. And explore the Great Canyon by yourself. It is really worth it! 
Actually I can't remember the name of the company we went with, maybe there are some which are really good  - but ours wasn't. I know it's along drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, but this whole trip was so unorganised and chaotic. The view was worth the money, but the journey really wasn't (I think we payed around 80$ each).

➸ Hotel Review: Mount Liberty Lodging, Lincoln - New Hampshire, USA

Freitag, 28. April 2017

During our road trip through the White Mountains last fall, we really wanted to stay at a little cabin in the woods. After a little research we decided to go with the Mount Liberty Lodging, located in Lincoln New Hampshire. 

We rented the smallest cabin (No. 3 "Carter Notch"). And it was perfectly fine. It's a really simple little cabin with everything you need: a bathroom, a little kitchen area, a very comfortable bed and even a little porch. But the Highlight: the river behind the little cabins. You can sit on the porch and have a beautiful view or you can take an 1 minute walk down to the river and sit at one of the big rocks in the water (perfect sun bathing place;)). 

The "motel" offers also a heated outdoor pool, a playground and a camp fire pit. What else can I say? It was clean, cozy and we had a really good time.

From the first moment on you will feel very welcomed, because the owners are really really nice. They turned on the heating in the cabin before we got there and gave us a tone of information about the region and some insider tips. 

Here are some of so many things you can do while you in this area: 
Take a drive along the Kancamagus Highway 
Visit Flume Gorge 
Just go hiking, but mind the bears! 
Visit the famous Mount Washington Hotel
Take the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway to have a really amazing view 

If you want to see more of our adventures around the White Mountains you will a little video about it over hereMore information about the White Mountains you will find here

➸ New Video Wednesday: Boston, Massachusetts

Mittwoch, 26. April 2017
Hellooo to all the lovely people out there! (Can you tell I am in a good mood? 😋) If you've read this blogpost, you already know how much I fell in love with Boston last fall. Today I wanna show you a little video about our days in Boston. You will spot the famous Freedom Trail, the Boston Public Garden, beautiful red houses and a lot more cool places! 

Have fun, xx Steffi

➸ Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Portugal

Montag, 24. April 2017

Hello my name is Stephanie and I'm addicted to Portugal. Guess what?! Our trip to Portugal was just a dream... again. We stayed at the same hotel like two years ago (Pestana Dom João II) in Alvor, but this time we got a rental car. Therefore we could explore a lot of new places. One of them is the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos. You're at the top of the cliffs and have a more than an amazing view at the landscape around you: cliffs, lonely rocks in the ocean, the ocean, people... eh i mean birds :P. 

But what makes this place so special? Maybe you already saw on Pinterest (my page you will find here - cheeky little self promo :P) a picture of the famous stairs going directly down to the water:

You can get really close to the water and at the end of the platform you find a pool ladder going down in the ocean. But I don't really recommend going for a swim, the water is wild and the drift strong - the chance are pretty high to end up hitting the cliffs very hard.

Funny story, by the way: we've met a very sweet grandma, who was so into getting THAT shot of the ocean with all of the cliffs, she really didn't mind getting wet (we're talking about head to toe wet) caused by a few big waves down there. Hilarious! She had the time of her life. I really hope she got a few good pictures to show back at home! 

This stunning view is totally free and you can go there by bike, car, walking or tourbus. But when you're not with a tourbus, i would highly recommend to check this place out later in the afternoon, when the tourbus tourists are gone and the place isn't that crowded anymore. A lot of parking spaces are available and one or two little restaurants. When you want to experience this area with all its rocks a little more, you can go on a kayak tour. There a lot of companies who offer a 2hours to a day trip at the harbour in Lagos. 

➸ New Video Wednesday: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Mittwoch, 15. März 2017
Todays Video Wednesday is not only one of my favourite videos so far, it's also about a very cool place: Cape Cod, USA. Famous for gorgeous beaches, the perfect summer getaway, lighthouses, lobsters and a lot more. 
We wandered around Provincetown, got delicious pastries from a Portuguese bakery and discovered a lot of beaches. But the highlight was the beautiful sunset at Chatham beach. There were even a few seals out in the water. 

Have fun! XX